Airport Shuttle: A Comparison of Rates From Different Places

Airport shuttle – they are our reliable partners when it comes to saving our money and making ourselves convenient. Moving on, these shuttles have their respective rates depending on where you are going to or coming from the Airport. Let us take a while when we have certain comparisons about the rates and destinations in different areas in the United States of America.

The airport shuttle frankfurt hahn rates as mentioned above have varying prices such that longer the distance to or from the airport, the higher would be the price. If for example there are several companies serving the same airport to your place then there is a big probability that these companies would have the same set of flat rates for each passenger. We can prove this by comparing the rates in Panama shuttles to Tocumen or Albrook airport and in New York to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark airport.

First in Panama, there are airports namely the Tocumen and Albrook. The cost of transportation of coming from Tocumen airport to Panama City would charge you around $45 dollars given that this is for the first two passengers. If ever you’ll have a companion with you, then they would charge an additional of $10 dollars for that matter. The airport shuttle service would charge you a bit higher than $45 dollars which is $50 dollars for the travel from Tocumen airport to Albrook airport, which is a bit farther. Now, if you are going to a province from the Panama City, it would almost double the price of your travel as that from airport to airport which is $99 already. The companies can serve as long as you are willing to pay. Moving on, just like the other companies, the shuttle service in Panama can also offer tours within a three-hour or five-hour period and the rate would be above $100, as expected.

In New York, there is a different setting as compared to Panama airport shuttle rates. The rate is charged per person again and it is as low as $15 dollars when coming or going to the LaGuardia airport for example. Moving further, which is the JFK airport, it would add another dollar from the rate of the former. Next, being the farthest among the three, the Newark airport would add $2 to your $16 dollars which makes it $18 for it has a longer distance and maybe the company would set a fixed price such that it could be an additional $1 dollar for a kilometer, but it is really up to them. By the way, the mentioned prices are for shared shuttle and shuttles are usually not exclusive. The rates could go higher or could double up if you would choose for a roundtrip. The one-way trip is usually half the price. In the New York area, the use of limousine is widespread but the budget here would be the problem. This limo is used for some more important purposes and given that you really need to be exclusive.

As compared above, anywhere in the U.S. can have great differences of fare rates and conditions and there is no permanent rate for everyone. Whatever might that be, the airport shuttle is far cheaper than any of your luxurious rides.


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